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Let's Talk Traveling with Kid's on an Airplane

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

OK, is your heart pounding and palms sweaty now? This subject has been known to cause panic attacks in adults all over the world. Kids are resilient and have nothing but time to argue with you about every minor detail about absolutely everything. But, going into a situation with a well-organized, fully stocked bag of arsenals can make any trip much more pleasant for everyone.

Traveling with kids on an airplane

Here are my 8 tips on what to pack for your next ride in the sky:

  1. Foot stools: these are inflatable "pillows" that can reach the height of the airplane seat. They do make excellent foot rests but when you purchase 2 and fully inflate them, they make an even better bed for toddlers! Check out Amazon for a huge variety.

  2. Good Headphones: not the earbud style that you place inside your ear but the nice noise cancelling ones that have a soft, cushy ear piece. They are great for listening to movies and tuning out surrounding airplane noise.

  3. Electronic devices, tablets: make sure these puppies are fully charged and stocked with preloaded movies and games that can be used offline. Even if you expect to have WIFI available during the flight, there's still a chance that you could spend a good chunk of time watching that buffering wheel go round and round.

  4. Arts and Crafts: this can very from child to child. I'm a big fan of magnetic tic-tac-toe or magnetic hangman, stackable color crayons and standard playing cards. Big tip here, don't bring glitter, beads or any other super messy craft. Be kind to your friendly flight attendants!

  5. Snacks: some of my favorite foods to pack are frozen Go-gurt and Uncrustable sandwiches, applesauce pouches and Teddy Grahams. I also stash a couple suckers for those emergency moments!

  6. Ear-popping items: Gum, sippy cups and airplane ear barotraumas can help reduce ear discomfort during take-off and landing.

  7. Roll clothing: don't fold any clothing or blanket your child may need to bring on the plane with them. Rolling fabric items will save a ton of room in their under-the-seat backpack.

  8. Wipes: great for cleaning messy hands and faces after enjoying the bag full of snacks you packed. Bonus points if you get the sanitizing wipes!

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or to plan your next travel adventure!



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